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We can't do this without you.......

In order to run a successful band program, we need every family to commit some of their time to volunteer with our band program! Please click the icon below to read a desciption of our volunteer jobs, and then click the buttons to sign up below! 

Click here for job descriptions! 


Click the buttons below to sign up.

Thank you for volunteering with our band program!

2024 sign ups coming soon! 

12:00 - 3:15 pm Set Up
3:00 - 6:30 1st Shift
6:15 - 9:45 2nd Shift
9:30-11:45 pm Clean Up

Charger Cup Volunteer training date and time to be determined.

Competitions & Football Games
2024 Season Coming Soon

Pit Crew
Donut Sales

Please email Bryan Hall or Scott Forrester at

if you are able to haul band trailers or equipment! 


              Background Checks for Parent Volunteers

 **Please remember to complete your MANDATORY BACKGROUND CHECK if needed: Cabarrus County School policy requires a background check every two years for all volunteers who have direct contact with students. Please visit to complete your background check.

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