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Square Payment System

Why did we choose Square?

In addition to being an online payment portal, Square provides us with several features including:

  • Ability to accept in-person credit card payments with a card reader.  This is heavily utilized for Charger Cup concession/ticket sales and can even be used for post-football game donut purchases or other in-person fundraising efforts!

  • Easily create an online storefront.  Now all online payments will be tagged to a specific purpose rather than making a generic payment through PayPal then emailing the treasurer with payment information.  Our storefront will be set up to accommodate internal payments (marching band fees, concert attire payments, field trip payments, etc) as well as be used for external transactions like advance Charger Cup ticket sales, fundraisers, sponsorship payments and donations. 

             Check out our new storefront here: 




Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What payment methods are available with Square?

A.  Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB.  Online payment options include all credit cards previously mentioned as well as Google Pay and Cash App.  Transactions completed on an iOS (Apple) device also offer Apple Pay as an option.


Q.  I just checked out the new online storefront and noticed that the amounts listed for marching band fees are different from what’s on the payment schedule.  Why?

A.   For every online transaction, the band pays a small fee (~3%) to the processing company (credit card, Apple Pay, etc) to facilitate that payment.  On high dollar, high volume payments such as band fees and spring trip payments, these “small” fees quickly add up to a lot of money.  To keep as much money in the band program as possible, we are passing on these fees for high dollar amounts as a “convenience charge” for online payments.


Q.  Are there any other payment options available?

A.  Absolutely!  Cash and checks are always welcomed.  That process remains the same - please place all payments in an envelope marked with the student’s name and payment purpose in the box outside Mr. Carter's office.

Q.  I’m concerned about online security.  Is the new Square storefront a safe place to make payments?

A.  Yes!  Not only is the storefront on a secure website, all payment transactions on the site are fully encrypted to keep your personal information safe. 

For questions about Square, or any technical challenges with making a payment on the site, please contact


We look forward to all the advancements this new platform will bring to the Charger Bands program and thank you for your continued support of our students!




Charger Band Boosters Board

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