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Band Fees

Welcome to the Cox Mill High School Band Program! 

In order to run a successful band program, many of our programs require fees.  Please read this page carefully to see which payments apply to your family, and which payment methods are accepted for each type. All band fees may be be made by cash, check, or credit card. 


Payment by Cash

Cash should be placed in  sealed envelope and labeled with the student's name and purpose of the cash payment. Please place the envelope in the lockbox in the band room outside Mr. Carter's office.  Please avoid using cash for large payments for security purposes.  

Payment by Check

Checks should be made payable to "Charger Bands" and include your student's name and your phone number in the memo field.  Checks may be delivered by

  •  placing in the lockbox in the band room, outside Mr. Carter’s office.  Place the check in an envelope and label it with the student’s name and payment purpose.

  •  mailing it to

        Cox Mill High School
        Attn: Mr. Drew Carter, Band Director
        1355 Cox Mill Road
        Concord, NC 28027

Payment by Credit Card: 

To pay via Credit Card, we will be using Square.  Click HERE to pay your fees online! Note that the payment amount does include a small additional convenience fee to process credit card payments. 


For additional information about the Square payment system, click HERE for answers to some frequently asked questions.  

The Charger Bands Square storefront can be accessed by clicking the Square logo on the site.

Payment by is to be used for the $10 school class band fee ONLY.  Do not use this site for concert attire, marching band, jazz band, honor band, color guard fees, or trip payments.  This will result in requiring you to get a refund from the school and resubmitting your payment directly to the band program via cash, check or Square. 

Class Band Fees

There are two types of payments required for class band.  These are a $10 per semester school fee, and concert attire fees.  

School Fees

The $10 per semester school fee should be made by check payable to Cox Mill High School or can be paid online via the (this is the ONLY time you will use k12payment center for band fees).

Concert Attire

Concert attire fees will vary depending on the needs of each student.  These fees can be paid by a check made out to Charger Bands, or by credit card using our Square payment site.  

Marching Band Fee Payments

As explained in the Band Handbook, participation in marching band requires each student to pay two annual fees: a $500 marching band fee. If you have multiple siblings in marching band the same year, the band fee is reduced to $250 for each sibling after the first. Marching band fee payments can be made using a check or by credit card via the Square payment system. 


These fees are due based on the agreed schedule.

*Accounts may be paid in full at any time*


May 30, 2024 (Mini Camp)

$150 payment or credit due on account. (Total paid on account $150)

July 22, 2024 (Band Camp)

$150 payment or credit due on account. (Total paid on account $300)

August 23, 2024 (SOCM Rehearsal)

$100 payment or credit due on account. (Total paid on account $400)

September 28, 2024 (Potential Competition)

$100 payment or credit due on account. (Total paid on account $500)

Student accounts not in good standing will not be able to participate in marching events until the account is brought current, and risk being removed from the program. Any exceptions may only be approved by the Band Booster board of directors. If personal hardship is preventing you from paying on time, please email our treasurer at  All details will be kept confidential between you, the treasurer, and the band director. If a student leaves the program at any point in the season, a refund will not be issued of the payments made. Due to the show design process, if a student chooses to leave the program all fees will need to be paid up till date of departure.

Jazz Band Fees

Jazz band fees need to be paid via cash, check, or credit card (Square). Mr. Carter will share any fees required with the students who choose to participate. 

Winter Guard Fees

Winter guard fees need to be paid via cash, check, or credit card (Square). A payment schedule will be discussed closer to the beginning of the Winter guard season.  

Trip Fees

During the 2024-2025 school year, the band will be taking a trip to New Orleans, LA.  Trip fees will need to be paid according to the payment schedule via cash, check, or credit card using our Square site.  All fees must be paid ON TIME and in full in order for the student and/or chaperone to be eligible to attend the trip.  Refunds are not guaranteed after certain dates.  Please pay close attention to the deadlines to avoid loss of fees or additional penalties. 

If you have any questions about any of our fees, please contact our treasurer at

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