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Business Sponsor Information

Business Sponsorships

If you have a business or a connection to a business, please take a look at our new sponsorship program HERE and consider investing in our bands.  Depending on your level of investment, you could benefit from social media shout outs, signage at band events, a Charger Cup program ad (DEADLINE 9/15), a banner at our Charger Cup and more...

Trophy Sponsorships

Another way to support our band is by purchasing a trophy sponsorship.  As a trophy sponsor, your business will receive a verbal announcement as the trophy is being awarded.  We have the following trophy sponsorships available this year:


GRAND CHAMPIONS (2 available)                    $225 each - SOLD OUT

1st PLACE IN CLASS  (4 available)                      $100 each - SOLD OUT

2nd PLACE IN CLASS (4 available)                     $75 each

3rd PLACE IN CLASS (4 available)                      $60 each

SPIRIT OF COX MILL AWARD (1)                         $110 - SOLD OUT


1st PLACE CAPTION (20 available)                     $75 each- 3 PERCUSSION LEFT

2nd PLACE CAPTION (20 available)                   $50 each

business ad flyer.png

Click on the image above to download and print the flyer.

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