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The Spirit of Cox Mill has been selected to represent the state of NC in the National Memorial Day Parade!

Click HERE for brochure.

Payment schedule (per person):

Screenshot 2022-11-17 102624.png

Click HERE to access Mr. Singer's PowerPoint Presentation which includes details about schedule, cost and payment plan.


$100 -1st payment Non-Refundable Deposit Total ($100)  October 5th

$100 -2nd Payment  (Total $200) November 2nd

$100 –3rd Payment (Total $300) December 7th

$100 –4th Payment (Total $400) January 4th 

$100 –Final Payment (Total $500) February 1st

$100 –Final Payment (Total $600) March 1st

$160 –Final Payment (Remaining Balance) April 5th

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